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Post-Show Express


After an event at The O2 arena, take the post-show Express home.
Departure 15 minutes after the show ends stopping at London Bridge City, London Eye (Waterloo) and Battersea Power Station piers.



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After an event at The O2 arena, take the post-show Express home

Live shows are back, and so are our post-show services! On select event nights, sail back straight into central London with us after the show ends. Pre-book your ticket for a guaranteed seat and beautiful night views!

Our Post-Show Express departs 15 minutes after the show ends and takes:

  • - 20 minutes to London Bridge City Pier
  • - 30 minutes to London Eye (Waterloo) Pier
  • - 45 minutes to Battersea Power Station Pier

There's no need to worry about making a train and no getting caught in post-event traffic, just plain sailing.

You can also take our Post-Show Request service stopping at piers between North Greenwich and London Eye (Waterloo) piers.

Tickets will go off-sale at 5pm on the day of the event.

Upcoming post-show services

Post-Show Express and Request services will be operating from North Greenwich Pier for the following shows at The O2 on these dates:

2 May Dua Lipa
3 May Dua Lipa
12 May Little Mix
13 May Little Mix
14 May Little Mix
16 May Whitesnake
22 May Pet Shop Boys
25 May Alice Cooper
26 May Bryan Adams
27 May David Gray
29 May Celine Dion
30 May Celine Dion
31 May Alan Partridge
1 June Alan Partridge
3 June Alan Partridge
4 June The Script
5 June Queen
6 June Queen
8 June Queen
9 June Queen
10 June Billie Eilish
11 June Billie Eilish
12 June Billie Eilish
13 June Alicia Keys
14 June Queen
15 June Queen
16 June Billie Eilish
17 June Queen
18 June Queen
19 June Manilow
20 June Queen
21 June Queen
22 June Aerosmith
23 June Diana Ross
24 June Diana Ross
25 June Billie Eilish
26 June Billie Eilish
28 June Alanis Morissette
29 June Alanis Morissette

Remember, you can get to The O2 arena with any service to North Greenwich Pier from one of our 20+ piers across London. You can touch in/out with a contactless or Oyster card, or buy your ticket online or on the apps. Check our timetable.

Terms and conditions

  • - The Post-show Express and Request services are only available on select event nights. It’s the user’s responsibility to check the calendar in our booking website and the list of dates and artists on this page before booking their ticket.
  • - If the date of your event is not in our list it means we are not running post-show services for that specific event.
  • - Pre-booking a ticket on the Post-show Express or Request service will guarantee you a seat.
  • - Post-show Express and Request services will depart 15 minutes after showdown, ticket holders must make their way to the pier immediately after the show ends. If the boat is missed Uber Boat by Thames Clippers cannot guarantee you will be able to board a different boat.
  • - The Post-show Express service will call at London Bridge City (20 minutes after departure), London Eye (Waterloo) (30 minutes after departure) and Battersea Power Station (45 minutes after departure) piers only.
  • - The Post-show Request service will stop at any requested piers between North Greenwich and London Eye (Waterloo) piers.
  • - Passengers with a valid disabled I.D. badge/card or disability document(s) will benefit concession rate and should select the Concession fare. If a complimentary carer’s ticket is required, please add a ticket selecting the Carer fare.
  • - All travel is subject to our Conditions of Carriage

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